Coffee is for some the only way to start the morning. It provides all the energy necessary to work your way through the day and even through the night. Regardless if you are at home or at the office, great coffee is hard to make if you don’t have the necessary equipment. Choosing a great coffee maker is difficult especially because not many people know what to look for.

As a coffee lover looking to make great coffee at home, it’s essential to know the different types of coffee makers and machines that will make the task easier and more suitable to your requirements. This coffee maker gives you 3 cup-sizes for brewing, small, medium and large (6oz., 8oz. and 10oz.), chosen by pressing one of the buttons on the top of the machine. There is also a programmable automatic on/off setting (2 hours) that can be activated or deactivated by pressing the button on the control panel

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, Black . The  Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System comes with a convenient, and no mess single-cup home brewing system. The most important feature of the Keurig K45 Elite brewing system is that it makes a top-notch cup of coffee. » , and Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, Black offers responded every little thing. Reading the customer reviews Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System Black before purchase.

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For me the Keurig K45 Elite was the best bang for the buck. The Keurig K45 elite coffee maker has been made available in four different colors. The  Keurig K45  is a great purchase if enjoy drinking single cups of coffee. Move to buy Keurig K45 prior to break. Just bought my Keurig K45 Elite about 2 months ago or so and I love it.

The first thing I noticed about the Keurig K45 Elite Brewer was that it’s a beautiful looking machine. There really is not usually enable you to find Keurig K45 best price tag.

Coffee — it is not just a drink. For many — it’s a lifestyle. After all, for almost all of the morning, drink a cup of invigorating elixir — it’s almost a ritual.

Keurig B130 DeskPro Brewing System

The Keurig B130 DeskPro is a sleek and stylish and practical just one mug brewing process, perfect for any office environment, residence as well as property place of work. You may have utilized Keurig espresso machines prior to and they are familiar together with the k-cup espresso single cup coffee pods which might be readily available in a variety of different mixes and flavours, otherwise you happen to be in for a handle of top rated espresso!

In addition, you might have utilized the Keurig B130 DeskPro Brewing Program with your hotel space since this has truly already been created for industrial use.

Why choose this brewin system?

If you are like, a real coffee lover then  little gadget is the ideal partner for your coffee time, first off all it is compact so doesn’t take up a lot of space, you can have great tasting coffee on tap and save time and money by not having to visit your local Starbucks or whatever your local coffee shop is.

 It would also be suitable if you just like the occasional cup of quality coffee, instead of having to brew a big jug of coffee you can just grab a quick cup when you feel the urge. It might be that you are the only coffee drinker in the house and your partner or family members don’t drink it. Read the rest of this entry

The Capresso Burr Grinder is a commercial grade coffee grinder manufactured by Swiss company Jura Elektroapparate AG, a pioneer in automatic espresso and coffee machines.Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

It is designed with steel burrs, which normally only come in commercial grinders, and it holds up to 8.5 ounces of coffee beans at a time. The steel conical burrs allows for effective grinding while rotating slowly, this reduces the heating of the ground coffee, and helps it preserve maximum flavor and aroma.

The grinder has 16 settings, four for each of it’s categories which are fine, extra fine, regular, and coarse. These options give you total control to make your perfect blend. The grinders are also very quiet compared to disk grinders, and are not as likely to clog. It has a built in timer that allows you to set the grind for five seconds to a minute without having to be physically pushing a button on the grinder. It also comes with a one year warranty so if there is a problem with it, you can send it back for a replacement.

The bean container needs to be locked in place for the grinder to work, while the coffee container remains sealed while grinding and holds four ounces of coffee grounds.
Cleaning the Capresso infinity grinder is quite simple, the bean container and burr lift off which gives easy access to clean the grinding chamber with the cleaning brush provided. Read the rest of this entry

handpresso outdoor espresso setBy reading this Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Review you can learn a lot about the characteristics of this gadget. Coffee lovers will surely appreciate the set, because it contains all the items that are necessary for making a great coffee. Instead of the regular ground coffee, the set uses E.S.E espresso pods, but there is a Hybrid version, which offers you the possibility to use both. In order to make a coffee, the machine can be manually pumped until it reaches the pressure of 16 bar. Hot water is added and the espresso pod is inserted. There are 4 cups included, but they must be washed after every round.



  • No Co2 cartridges required so there is no wastage and never run of out pressure
  • simple design for dependability and you never run out of pressure 
  • You can take it on an aeroplane.
  • This Outdoor set is made of thermo-formed extreme vibration attenuation designed to withstand 50psi
  • Four light weight espresso cups which are great for travel and keep you espresso hot and two handpresso napkins
  • Thermal carafe allows you take your espresso anywhere
  • Uses ESE sized pods such as starbucks, illy, lavazza, gaggia etc. Read the rest of this entry

La Pavoni Professional PBB-16 Espresso Machine Making espresso in the home can be a lot cheaper than running out to buy a serving when the urge to have some fine coffee arises. Of course, having your own espresso machine in the home also offers great convenience.

There are quite a number of espresso machines on the market though, so choosing the right one might not always be easy to do. For those considering the La Pavoni Professional PBB-16 Espresso Machine Black Base model, there are quite a number of positives that make it a good machine worth purchasing.

It is not the perfect machine though, and a few drawbacks do exist. Overall, it is a solid espresso maker for anyone interested in making an investment in one.


The machine can make up to 16 two-ounce shots and this is thanks to the sizable 38 ounce boiler installed inside of it. There are smaller machines on the market that are only capable of making 2, 4, or 8 shots. That is fine if you are only filling small orders. For those in need of making quite a bit of espresso, the large boiler is a huge benefit. For those who only want to make a few smaller shots, the machine can accommodate that request as well. The flexibility of the machine is a major plus. Read the rest of this entry